Grabovoi’s prediction of the current situation in the World

In this incredible text, first published in 2002 Grigori Grabovoi predicts the current world situation with absolute accuracy.

He had written how to avoid it, and today He gives us the tools to resolve the crisis through piloting reality, with the study of His Teaching and with the medical-grade technology PRK-1U that produces very important results, now also with ISO certification as a medical device.

ISO 13485 2061 certification of PRK for medical profiles

Following these directions means having, concretely the Salvation, for yourself and your loved ones. Out of metaphor, in real life.

Here is the text of the forecast published in the Russian magazine “Pilot Variant – PREVIEW” No. 4 (5) April 2002, pp. 2, 31 – here and qui the official references and the original text.

As for the states and countries of the world, according to the forecast for May 2002, G. Grabovoi says that they should focus on Eurasia, since general problems related to the consequences of the possibility of using bacteriological and chemical weapons are beginning to arise on its territory. The countries of this continent should, as far as possible, conclude further agreements to avert the proliferation of these kinds of means of mass destruction.  It is recommended that negotiations be established between Russia, China, India, Japan and Western Europe, which prevent the spread of these toxic systems (bacteriological and chemical), even of the local type, so that within three years officially approved measures are taken at the interstate level. 

Anyone who decides to use chemicals and toxic products can create a problem for themselves. If, for example, the China uses even low-powered means of destruction, then the return wave of the same bacteriological contagion, may develop according to unexpected laboratory scenarios. There are several reasons for this, and one of them is a change in the concentration of the ozone layer, which can lead to the appearance of infection mutations. Therefore, from the country where the bacteriological weapons will be used, particularly after 2003, the viruses, after transforming themselves will reoccur and the same part of the territory of China from which the infection started, will be invaded by a new, very complex infection. This is the reason why care must be taken and even local variants of germ warfare must be prevented.

Similarly, local chemical injuries can transform at the gene level, weakening the gene pool of Eurasian residents at a later time. It should be kept in mind that, at present, the world community has no restrictions on these kinds of weapons of mass destruction. And as soon as these are there, then foreign states from different continents (USA, etc.), will also join them automatically, signing similar agreements with them and among them. Only then will we be protected from the uncontrolled use of biological systems among which, for example, a mutated virus of ordinary flu that will be very difficult to cureSuch problematic mutations of ordinary pathogens cannot be allowed. And in May, work to prevent this should already be underway from China itself. By this date, at least a proposal to begin negotiations on this issue should be coming from China to Russia. And it is clear why from China. 

As soon as the Eurasian continent is strengthened in terms of the fight against terrorism, there will be less tension in relations with the United States. Under the current conditions of a possible terrorist war, weapons used by terrorists can theoretically be neutralized in their spread across a continent. There is another aspect acquires the utmost importance: a calm situation on entire continents, in which the arrival of weapons can be rapid and unpredictable. This is why the signing of further intracontinental agreements should take place according to a special schedule, starting in May, and it is best for Russia to support such initiatives. Unless in 2003 the spread of bacteriological weapons, as already mentioned, may cause the mutation of already known diseases.

 On the other hand, there are already now projects aiming at a rather problematic stage in the development of bacteriological systems (in China itself), which allow the use of ordinary viruses, e.g.: influenza or hepatitis C, etc., by enhancing these viruses.These are the most dangerous virulent systems that inevitably return to the  regions that produced them. There used to be bans on this kind of research that pursued only the use of pathogens as a weapon. Now, however, the ban on the aggressive part of these researches no longer exists. Because of this, there are several deaths from unknown diseases on the territory of the Eurasian continent itself and mass information about these kinds of scandals is also prevented.

 In fact, toxic emissions are already occurring now, which, even in their present form, act so negatively that, although they resemble certain seemingly trivial diseases, they cannot in fact be clearly diagnosed, nor can their consequences be predicted. In the United States from the beginning of 2003 similar programs will be activated. Therefore, in order to prevent local terrorist attacks and carry out positive actions against the silent bacteriological expansion, it is necessary to use not only vertical communication systems, but also horizontal interstate systems, where interaction takes place not only through federal authorities, but also at the level of inter-regional contacts. For example, a governor of a Russian border region, can effectively get in touch with the governor of the neighboring Chinese region, in the interest of both, etc..

 Article taken from the Russian magazine “Variant piloting-forecast” No. 4 (5) April 2002, pp. 2, 3″.